Ecological Complexity Lab Elucidating the complexity of ecological systems


We are a diverse group of dedicated and passionate researchers excited to explore ecological systems. Our team comprises talented individuals across all academic levels and from multiple countries and backgrounds. Each of us brings a unique perspectives to our research. With interests spanning ecology & evolution, data science, and complex system modeling, our team excels in groundbreaking synergistic research. We also enjoy a rich tapestry of hobbies, including photography, music, outdoor activities, and arts, which enrich our collaborative environment.

We work with a wide range of outstanding groups from around the world, and we’re always on the lookout for new and unique perspectives. We want to push the frontier of data science and train the next generation of data scientists.

Our collaboration with top scientists is pivotal to our lab’s success, as they bring invaluable expertise and insights that are not readily available within our team. Their deep understanding of data, ability to conduct experiments, and provision of specialized knowledge significantly complement and enhance the breadth and depth of our research endeavors.